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helping small farmers

  • Progressive farmer field training

    While Agriprenuer training and development, holds good for those young entrepreneurs who have no or little exposure to farming, it doesn't work well for those progressive farmers. Since farming is their livelihood, it is difficult for those progressive farmers to take a time out of 3 months for attending residential course of organic farming.

    To circum this challenge, we have devised a strategy to work and train at their farm. This is usually done by a master trainer, who would be posted in a particular cluster of villages to go visit farmer field and plan the organic cultivation along with progressive farmers. The master trainer would get technical support beyond his capacity from a technical expert who would be visiting by weekly on a scheduled trip. In case of emergencies in field, there are ways to get help from technical expert over phone or a direct visit to the farm.

    The strategy adopted through Progressive farmer field training (PFFT) begins with a small portion of farm (say 15 to 20 cents) ear marked for organic farming. The progressive farmer, who could champion in his field as well as with his area farmers learning starts with cultivating the small farm area in organic farming. His learning and progress is captured at each stage. On successful completion, the progressive farmer is encouraged to bring more area of his farm in to organic farming. On mastering the practices, the progressive farmer is graduated to teach organic farming practice to other area farmers. With initial support from SAAL, the progressive farmer set up his demonstration field, input production of organic manure, fertilizer and pest repellents. The services are also designed by him to be offered to fellow farmers who need them. Eventually, the entrepreneurial progressive farmer could set up a pool of agriculture labor in specific areas and provide contractual services to fellow farmers.